Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jamison wedding shower

Well, I guess since this is the week before the wedding, I should get all my pre-wedding celebrations posted for you to drool over before the actual big day is upon us! I shared the lovliness of The Kratoska wedding shower with you all earlier this week, so it only makes sense to show the shower from Main Man's side of the family this week as well.
The Jamisons are right up my alley, you guys. They're all a little weird and funny and laughy and jokey...oh, they are also genuinely good-hearted people and they love potlucks and food. Ummmmm, could I have found a better family to marry into? Methinks not.  Plus, they have this super secret real Italian family pasta sauce recipe that is just to fall over and die for and then get up and die again for...and I've been trying finagle (is that even a word and if it is, is that how you spell it?) the recipe since I met Main Man. I don't have my greasy paws on it yet, but when I do, you better bet your bottom britches dollar that I ain't sharin' it with you people! Some things are meant to keep in the family...find your own Jamison to snuggle up to for it :)
Below is the picture story of our lovely Sunday afternoon couple spagetti shower that the Jamisons all chipped in and threw for Main Man and I...I'm kinda wishing I hadn't devoured the leftover sauce that day and had some hidden in the freezer to pull out such luck. Wah, wah, wahhhhh.
Main Man heading through the line first

The holy's THE SAUCE!

Centerpieces with scrapbook paper and grey socks on the vases...brilliant!

I ate it all. Don't judge.

The dessert table. Cinnamon roll cake, peanut butter cup cupcakes, smores bars, cheesecake filled strawberries. Seriously.

The sign in table, thanks for the sign Cheryl!

What in the world could this package be?

Oh, a large camping chair...every married couple needs one!

I think he liked it :)

Brother Ben has returned from overseas!! Don't worry, he has since removed the raccoon from his face for the wedding.

Main Man's uncle Dewey recieving his retirement gift!

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  1. That huge chair is priceless!! I love it!! Xo Yummy food! Yay for the return of the brother!! :-)