Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buffalo chicken dip

Tailgaterrrrrrs, mount up!!  There's not much better than a little Warren G reference, besides beating Iowa State beating Iowa last weekend.  ZING!  Sorry to all you Hawkeye fans...actually I'm not, I ingest all the poop talk (my family reads this so better keep it clean) all year long from you and I will rejoice in this victory for the next 51 weeks guilt free! 

Besides this being our first home tailgate of the season (we missed Labor day weekend, although we did listen on the radio), this was also my friend Beatrice's 30th birthday party...which obviously means we had to do it BIG!  We get an RV pass each year to root ISU on from the parking lot, so we have a home base to make a mean tailgate....this year we even got a tv hooked up to watch the games instead of just listening.  Moving on up in the world, huh!?

One of Bea's favorite party foods is this buffalo chicken dip, so this topped my list of food to make. I should always remember to just double this always gets killed.  I'm sure some (or all) of you have heard of this or tasted it.  The secret to making this different?  Use a whole chicken.  Yup, get yourself a whole rotisserie chicken and dig right in there getting all the lovliness that is savory roasted chicken into your crockpot.  When time is an issue, I have used canned all white meat chicken but it does have a taste tradeoff...although I believe the canned chicken is better for you.  You decide what's important to you and your group...

1 whole rotisserie chicken, skinned and boned
2 (8 oz) containers cream know I use fat free in everything
1.5 cups ranch (light or fat free)
1.5 cups Franks hot sauce
whole bag of 2% cheddar cheese

Throw it all in a crockpot like so...put it on high for an hour, stirring occasionally....and BOOM!  ISU beats IA, your best friend has a happy birthday, and all is right in the world.

Picture quality is not the greatest here, this is at 7 am so there wasn't great light under the RV's canopy.....yes, we got up at 5:30 am to tailgate.  And yes, I felt like I was a college student the following day.  But it was oh so worth it!

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  1. This looks great! I think I'll have to try it. I'm big on substituting Greek yogurt too- think it would work here in place of the cream cheese?

    1. According to this conversion chart....yes, you could!!

    2. I guess you have to copy and paste that link in, I will have to try and enable hyperlinks in the comments section...

      But it says you can sub greek yogurt for cream cheese equally (so 1 cup greek yogurt=1 cup cream cheese)...I am def going to give it a shot next time!

  2. Going to make this for a church social. What size bag on cheese?

  3. Not only does this look amazing, but I love reading the "ISU beats IA" statement! =)

    1. 2 years in a row! I'll have to continue making this dip each year as a good luck charm :)

  4. Honestly, you won me over with the Warren G reference so now I'm obligated to try this dip!

  5. Made this today and it was BOMB.

    Thanks!!! :)

  6. How much canned chicken?