Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spicy tuna baguette

You know how I posted the other day that you have to try new things in order to hit the food jackpot sometimes!?  You may strike out a few times but when you hit a homerun it's totally worth it....well, this was a dinger.  An out of the park, yumtastic and fantabulous homer!  Besides the fact that it has less than 5 ingredients (a requirement for all my fave recipes), it literally takes 10 minutes to make. 

I had softball Monday night, and it was a late week so we didn't play till 8 pm.  This is great because its cooler out and I don't have to worry about getting jacked in the face at first base with a ball I lost in the sun coming at me.  The only thing is that I usually eat around that time.  I didn't want to be too full, didn't want to be hungry, so it was a light dinner night.

1 baguette, cut in flat pieces
2 cans tuna (6 oz each...I use albacore because it's literally a thousand times better and worth the extra cost to ditch all that oily crap in the cans)
3/4 cup salsa
1/4 cup mayo (I used fat free)
1 cup grated pepperjack cheese (I used 2%)

Preheat the oven and cook your baguette according to instructions while you prepare the topping.  To make the topping, simply mix the salsa, drained tuna, and mayo together like so:

Shred your PJ cheese.  I now buy hunks of cheese and shred myself since it's cheaper that way. Yes, I have turned into my mother and even have the exact same cheese grater statue thing with 4 sides of choices on it. I even found these awesome little sticks of cheese that are equivelent to 1 cup when shredded so you don't have to worry about leftover.  You just use the whole thing and you're done!  It's the little things, I tell ya...

When the bread is done, cut it up and add a dallop of the tuna mixture on top, and then a pinch of cheese on top of that. Layer them on a Pam'ed up baking sheet and broil those babies till they're all melty and gooey looking!

You could very easily serve this an appetizer but it was a perfect dinner for us too! Add a side of roasted brussel sprouts and we were insanely happy campers.  The salsa you use will decide how spicy these are, but ours weren't hot at all.  They were creamy, and tasted like they had more cheese on them then they actually did. Both of us thought they tasted like something else, but we couldn't put our finger on what exactly that something else was.  Either way, I was pumped at how these turned out and will be enjoying some leftovers for lunch today at work.  Hope your lunch is as good as mine!! 

Fat Stats (one baguette is said to serve 6 people which would equal a little over 3 pieces):
250 calories (if you use normal tuna instead of albacore and full fat mayo and cheese, this is 370 cals)
6 g fat (if you use normal tuna instead of albacore and full fat mayo and cheese, this is 17 g)
24 g protein
30 g carbs

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