Thursday, September 8, 2011

JD's miracle mix

I said miracle mix.  I meant it. This stuff is now a fixture in my cupboard. I can now throw together homemade salsa and southwestern dip in literally 3 minutes. Our friends introduced us to this at Wefest and I ordered some online the following week. Justin would be embarrassed to know that I'm telling you this...but he snuck out to the RV after everyone went to bed one night, and finished the whole container of southwestern dip. He wanted to throw the container away to hide the evidence but I made him fess up the next day...and then placed my order.  You can only get the stuff online, so here's the website:

Believe me, you want this. The best part is....the same mix makes both dips.  For the salsa, just add stewed tomatoes (I put mine in the food processor to puree it into the perfect texture but you don't have to do that).  For the southwestern, just add sour cream and mayo.  That's it!

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