Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pizza sammich

I have a friend who has had awesome results from Weight Watchers, so naturally I wanted the low down on the program. I'm too cheap to pay for it, especially when I pay my monthly dues to Kosama workouts, but I figured if she could just tell me how many "points" I'm supposed to have each day, then I can google and figure out what everything has in it. Plus, I follow a couple blogs that strictly feature WW recipes, and I already eat Smart Ones meals at work (they are a WW product so they list their points on the box). This can be that hard, can it!?

So for my weekly shopping trip, I picked up some WW cheese spread to see how it was. OMG, you guys. They're not fooling around with this stuff. I could eat it on even just my finger. I haven't tried the other flavors besides the jalapeno pepper yet, but don't worry I have some in the fridge. Anyway, I will admit this was not a planned meal...I just looked in the fridge, saw what I had, and threw it together. And then ate the same thing the next night, and the same thing the next night, until my good loaf of bread was gone. Yeah....that good.

This is very similar to my recent posting of pizza paninis, except with way less prep, and no need for a this newfound cheese love of mine just takes the whole thing up a few notches!

Toast your bread (gotta be the good stuff, this is Everything bread from Wal-Mart, who surprisingly has an awesome bakery) and spread a cheese wedge on top of one side.  Layer some turkey pepperonis, canadian bacon, and a little pizza sauce before closing up shop to devour your creation.

I threw it in the microwave for a quick 20 seconds to heat the insides up even though the bread was toasted, and then we were in business! A hearty meal in literally the time it takes you toast a couple slices of bread and not too damaging on your waistline (under 300 calories), although it seems like a cheat meal! You really can't beat something like that...

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