Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spicy pinwheels

I wonder if I pick my friends because they like food or if they start to like food this much after hanging with this fat kid at heart for a while? These pinwheels were Michelle C's version of a pretty common appetizer, that she really hit out of the park. She was getting a little upset as she was slicing them up that she wasn't getting anywhere because everyone was stealing off the plate as she went...when your food doesn't even make it to the serving station before getting devoured, you did something right. I make Mallory's tortilla rollups pretty often for get togethers because they seem to disappear in that same fashion, but these actually had some kick to them that I could not get enough of! They don't have to be superbly spicy, it's all dependent on what type of salsa you use, really. Michelle used Mad Butcher's Hot salsa (which is one of my fave store bought salsas in the universe), and that's where these little suckers achieve the perfect little pants-kick of heat!

8 oz cream cheese (I always use fat free)
1 jar salsa
tortilla wraps (the low carb ones seem to roll better)
mexican shredded cheese (I always use 2%)
2 T chili powder

Soften cream cheese, add salsa and chili powder. Spread onto tortillas, top with handul of cheese (enough to lightly cover it) and roll them up. It's helpful to partially freeze them before cutting so they keep their shape so sticking them in the freezer for an hour is recommended.

I should warn you....these are dangerously poppable and were gone before anyone even realized it. Doubling this recipe if you have a large group is not out of the question, and if you want them to stick around for a bit, I would probably recommend it! Enjoy :)

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