Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sneak peek

Breaking from food for the day....sorry! Just a little sneak peek of our engagement photos for those of you who are not on my facebook page. I just got prints done for the wall, and it was soooo tough to decide which ones to get. For those of you in the Des Moines area (actually in Iowa at all because I hear he travels), Paul is the most phenomenal photographer I think I've ever worked with (and I've been in a lot of weddings, people). I met him 4 years ago when he was working my friend Cynthia's wedding, and knew then that I would book him someday when I got married. I was never the girl who had her wedding planned out since she was a kid, but I guess I did pick my photographer before I even met my fiance....some things just work out that way, I guess! :)

I really can't say enough good things about Paul's photos, how easy he is to work with, and his talent. If you are interested in booking Paul you can check out his website at www.paultaylorphoto.com to see some more of his work!  Happy Tuesday, all!

The paint war was a pinterest idea, but the powder paint they used was from India and it took 2 months to get to me...so I had to plan B it up, and hit Hobby Lobby for some tempra powder paint. It didn't dust up as much as the photos I had in mind, but I think they turned out well for what we had to work with...

Looking through these each time reminds me how lucky I really am in this life...can't wait to become Mrs. Stensland in a few short months!

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  1. Such great photos!!! Love the powder paint!!

    1. Thanks! I loved the idea, wish we couldve gotten the right paint, but they turned out well considering...