Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asiago roasted potatoes

I'm always looking for a new way to do potatoes as I just love them but feel like I serve them the same way all the time.  I've always been a meat and potatoes girl rather than a dessert anytime I see something intriguing I usually give it a try.  I had some asiago cheese leftover from the asiago crusted pork chops so thought I would give this a shot....I found it on a new blog I'm now following called "Ommy Noms" (, there are so many people who have great blogs, I could read about new recipes all day long!!

7 medium sized potatoes (I used red)
3 T olive oil
salt and pepper to taste (so LOTS for me!)
3 garlic cloves, minced
3/4 cup shredded asiago cheese
pinch herbes de provence (this was one spice that I didn't have in my kitchen, GASP, so I used rosemary which really brings out the great taste in potatoes...if you've never had rosemary potatoes, you're not livin life the way it should be lived!)

Preaheat the oven to 450 degrees.  Cut the potatoes into one inch cubes and place in a medium sized pot.  Add water to cover potatoes, add salt to taste and bring to a boil.  Cook for 4 minutes once boiling.

Remove potatoes from heat, drain and pat dry.

Pour the potatoes into a large ziplock bag.  Add the olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic cloves to the bag and shake until the potatoes are covered evenly.  Pour the mixture onto a nonstick cookie sheet like so....

Roast potatoes 30-45 minutes until tender and brown, stirring every 15 minutes. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle on asiago cheese and your rosemary or herbes de provence.  These potatoes were very good and seemed fancier than just normal grilled taters....

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