Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I think I spelled it right this time, didn't I?  I can never remember which letters to double....

Well, I went there for my second time on Friday with the girls and a couple of guys, and again it was amazing.  I actually tried something besides the duck, which is a cardinal sin, but it was a wonderful meal anyway!  I've posted this before, but the duck is to die for there.  I think it's amazing, which is why I wanted to try something else....there has to be more amazing stuff on the menu, doesn't there?  In hindsight, I shouldve gotten the duck as I ate some of Bea's instead of finishing my meal...but I think I will try one more thing there next time I go, before I head straight back to the duck and never get anything else.  Christina will never order anything else but the duck so here is a picture of hers...Pan roasted Fox Hollow Farms duck breast/ duck confit/ shitake & tart cherry risotto/ duck demiglaze!

I tried the spicy duck wings for my appetizer and would highly recommend those as well.  I've had the scallops appetizer there and it's hard to beat but it's also pretty pricey at $13 for 2 scallops!  So I wanted to try something different and was glad I did...I actually had the waiter pick my appetizer for me and it turned out he brought me the one I wouldve ordered from the 3 I had him choose from.

For my meal, I had the skate wing, which is described as Sauteed skate wing/ seafood polenta/ saffron nage...and it was very, very good!  Skate wing is a stingray, and it was a little fishier than I had expected but the seafood polenta was amazing.  Not a great picture but here it is...I would probably not order it again but am glad I tried it, not everyone has had a chance to eat stingray!

Tony actually picked really well that night too, and he got something I wouldve considered boring normally.  He got the Pasta carbonara/ linguine/ sherry cream sauce/ peas/ crisp bacon....can I tell you that Ive never seen bacon this thick.  It was a very, very rich and bacon-y dish so if you don't like bacon, don't touch it but man, was it delish!!  It had peas in it, which I despise, and I still couldnt stop stealing bites!  We were in a dark basement...great for ambiance, not so great for food pics...so excuse the darkness of the photos.

And last but not least, we come to Brandy Sue.  She would highly recommend the candied walnut salad, as she doesn't really get off on food like the rest of us do and doesn't like to pay an arm and a leg for a meal that she doesn't love...she would probably pay more for spinach artichoke dip from Wallaby's than any duck, steak, or fish in the world!  But that's why we love her :)

I should mention that we also finished off 3 bottles of wine with dinner (and the boys were mostly drinking beer), which I wouldn't recommend.  They do have some decent deals on wine though, considering how expensive the food is there.  Nights like these are so fun to me...great food and wine, great friends, a nice long dinner to chit chat and hang out....can't really beat that in my book!

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  1. skate huh? i can catch those by the bushel basket of the pier! haven't ever tried em. may have to now??? :)