Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strawberry poppyseed salad

This is another recipe I got from my friend Maggie, who got it from someone at her wedding shower.  Some of those recipes (like this one) are included in my repeat list, so thanks to whoever added this one!  I never used to be a "fruit in the salad" type of person but this just works perfectly as a fresh side dish, and if I add chicken or turkey to it, we've even done this as a full meal.

Romaine (Use whatever lettuce you want but I love romaine, I also added arugula to this one since I had some leftover in the fridge)
quartered strawberries
reduced fat feta cheese
seasoned almonds
Kraft creamy poppyseed dressing

The best part is that there are no amounts so you can mix it how you would like, I just throw what I've got in there until it looks good.  I also mixed everything ahead of time, threw it in the fridge, and waited till just before serving to add the dressing and toss it evenly. 

This was one of the sides I served for our big Father's day meal.....but go ahead and add some chicken to it if you want some protein to make it a full meal!

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