Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sesame ginger tuna kabobs

Sam's Club is my BFF.  Literally.  I love buying in bulk and having a deep freeze full of fun stuff to throw together...but we have already discussed my food hoarding issues so we'll leave it at that.  Anyway, I went last week and got a MAMMOTH bag of sushi grade ahi tuna steaks and a GINORMOUS bag of cod for later.

I have always wanted to sear some tuna steaks but almost started a grease fire the one attempt I had at it...so Im nervous about that form of cooking for now.  The swordfish kabobs turned out so well a while ago that I thought tuna kabobs could be just as good since they are a pretty substantial fish.  I love that J is just as happy with these kabobs as he would be with steak as these are soooo much better for us!

This recipe can't get any easier.  I used my lawry's sesame ginger marinade...

...and threw some of the tuna steaks in it in the fridge the night before I cooked them....

From there you can choose what else you want to have on  your kabobs.  I had onion, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, and red potato on hand so that's what we went with last night. I cut the tuna into one inch cubes and  cut the rest of the veggies up into managable pieces as well.  I then threw all of ingredients back in the marinade container and shook them until they were covered with flavor.  Next step is layering them on the skewars...I also sprinkled them with crushed red pepper when they were ready for the grill.

I will say that the next time I do kabobs, I will do a stick or two of potatoes, and a stick or two of the veggies, and then a stick or two of the meat.  Especially when grilling seafood (this was sushi grade so I could've eaten it raw) as it doesn't take near as long to cook the meat as it does to cook the potatoes through.  We found our meat a little overdone so next time I will start the potato skewars first so they have time to get going.  P.S. If you don't have a kabob contraption such as this one, you're a loser.  Maybe not a loser, but you are really not getting the meat cooked like it should when its sitting on the grill, and that pretty much means you're not winning if you ask me!

All in all, even though the meat was more done than I would have preferred, these were muy bien just like the swordfish ones!  I really love the taste of the grilled veggies.  Last night was our first dinner out on the deck this year and wowza have I missed that!  I am a happy camper today, summer puts me in such a good mood :)

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