Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Greyson

I woke up this morning, read my emails, and checked facebook in bed, per usual. I then called Justin to see where he was because these days he's been getting up at 3-4 am to go check his snow properties in West Des Moines and see if they need salt or anything before the morning commute.  He was out in the shop working on his part of the wedding list and giving me a final list of his groomsmen and ushers....what a good boy! :)  I started the shower, as well as the fireplace, like I do every morning, so it would be warm when I got out and I just at the perfect time walked by my phone to see that it was ringing.  Somehow it got turned on silent...

I saw it said Cynthia Hofer and answered without thinking....but then I heard her voice.  She was exhausted and sounded like she had been up all night.  First thing out of my mouth was "Did something happen with George?" We have been calling the baby boy in her belly by the name of George since they didn't want to share his name with everyone until he was stuck a little too well considering we would have to explain to people his name really wasn't going to be George! She said "Yeah, he's here..." and  I seriously thought she was kidding.  I know I let out an F-bomb...Im totally appropriate when it comes to babies, you know....but I immediately got goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes.  Cynthia wasn't due until February 12, but has been very uncomfortable the last couple of weeks, so they were thinking he was going to come early....and he sure did! 

She said her water broke around 2 am so they headed to the hospital immediately, got there at 4 am and he was welcomed into the world at 4:14 am!!  "Speedy delivery" as the mailman from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood would say (sidenote: anyone remember that show?).  Greyson John Hofer was born at 4:14 am weighing in at 6 lbs, 7 oz and couldn't have a more perfect little face, if you ask me! What do you all think?? :)  I can't wait to meet you, Mr. Greyson....and congrats to your wonderful parents! What a beautiful family you will you all! <3

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