Monday, January 23, 2012

Sausage and spinach stuffed portabellos

I posted about this dinner on Facebook right after I ate was that good. Here was my status: What was my life like before sausage stuffed portebellos on the Griddler?? I don't know how I lived...

Justin was a little nervous about the portebellos for some reason...he likes all mushrooms so I don't know what his deal was but he sort of cringed when I told him what was for dinner.  Seriously? There's sausage in it, that's like his #1 criteria for food I didn't get why he was being weird about it. Never fear though, he enjoyed these so much, he ate all the leftover ones for lunches before I could get to them....and I didn't even have to ask if he liked them...after half a mushroom he said, "These are make agains".  One point for Abby!

I started my Kosama classes in the evenings a couple weeks ago and since then I have been making my meals for the week on Sundays so I just have to throw them in the oven, or start the crockpot, or whatever in the evening to save time and energy when I get home famished.  I made the stuffing on Sunday and put it in a container in the fridge so it was all ready to throw these babies on the grill when I got home....and they turned out perfectly that way.

6 large portabello mushrooms
1 lb italian sausage
1/2 T olive oil
1 onion, minced
1/2 cup tomato sauce
red pepper flakes to taste
1 T basil
1 bag baby spinach
2 T minced garlic
grated mozzerella cheese to top

Brown the sausage with the onion, garlic, olive oil, basil, and red pepper flakes.  Add the tomato sauce and the spinach to warm after the meat is done. From here I put it in the fridge but you could keep going if you're not making ahead...

This recipe caught my eye because I've been wanting to use my Griddler, but once I saw the ingredients, I knew it would be a keeper.  Yes, I'm still completely in love with this appliance! 

Take the stems out of the mushrooms and put on the greased Griddler (you can use a real grill too) for a few minutes with the bottom side down.

Flip the mushrooms over and let them cook for a while (10 minutes or so? I wan't counting the best) to get the tops done well...

I heated the container of mixture up in the microwave after I flipped the mushrooms back over to allow the bottoms to cook more, loaded the mixture into the mushrooms, and topped them with the cheese.

Let them grill for another 10 minutes or so on that side....and VOILA!  The mushrooms were tender but still meaty, the filling was soooo flavorful and fresh, and the cheese on top just shot it to another level!  I could've been full with one, but at 300 calories a piece, I went for a second one and skipped my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich that night....and it was worth it.

If you didn't notice the tab below, these have been inducted into the Favorites section of the you're gonna wanna try them, mmmmmk?!

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