Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cobb salad

I originally had this labeled "killer salad" instead of "cobb salad" but I thought more people would get the gist of it if I used a known term.  This is my variation of a cobb salad, I suppose....isn't a cobb salad just one that includes turkey or chicken, egg, bacon, and tomato...and then whatever else you want to throw in there?  That's what I think of when I hear cobb salad anyway...

I think I've pinpointed exactly why I'm addicted to this salad (I've eaten at least one per day for the last 5 days and just stocked up on ingredients)...and that is the dressing.  I guess it's not really a dressing I use, but just plain old olive oil and vinegar.  I've used red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and this phenomenal fancy pants white balsamic vinegar (to DIE for) that Mama K got me for Christmas. I think that vinegar may have something in it that gives you a physical reaction, because I seriously want another huge salad right after I finish one.  I love that acidic kick it gives everything that it soaks into...I have trouble not drinking the leftover juice out of the bottom of my bowls to be quite honest with you.

Anyway, this bridal boot camp has kicked into action so I've started Kosama this week and I have some goals to hit this year before getting into a wedding dress. It's really not too hard to go healthy when healthy tastes like this though. And how flipping pretty is that??  Oh my, it's 9 am and I want my lunch :( 

This salad is very versatile and just includes whatever veggies I have in the house but when it's perfect, it includes:

spinach and romaine lettuce
cherry tomatoes (halved so they soak up the oil and vinegar love)
reduced fat feta cheese (this is my shit)
1 hard boiled egg
2 pieces bacon, crumbled
fresh cracked pepper
1 T good extra virgin olive oil
3 T red wine, balsamic, or white balsamic vinegar
turkey or chicken (which I left out because I didn't have any cooked)
croutons (which I left out because I ate a few of these chips while I was cooking my egg and bacon..I didn't have any dip though)

Go ahead and enlarge that picture and tell me your mouth isn't drooling....

Toss that shizz together and get ready to get punched in the mouth with flavor! I seriously thought I wouldn't eat all this salad because it was ginormous.....but as you can see:

...the hand that was running my fork had other plans.  I did not slurp the juice though, as much as would have enjoyed it. Choose your battles, right? This salad clocks in at under 500 calories in a HEAPING portion, I was in a food coma heaven afterwards. AND olive oil does have a certain amount of fat, but it's the good fat like you would get in fish, that your body needs win-win, right?  I think I'm done with normal dressings,'s way easier and way healthier to go with this option....give it a shot!

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