Friday, July 8, 2011

Bacon wrapped teriyaki water chestnuts

I knew these would be my dad's fave at the 4th of July party....I only tried one but they were delicious, and they made the house smell amazing right before everyone got there, which is always a plus.  We made them the day before so they could marinate overnight before cooking them.  I had some helpers in the kitchen on Saturday and these were simple to hand over to someone else to do, as they are so easy!

5 cans whole water chestnuts
3 lbs bacon (I used real, but would try with turkey bacon next time just to see how they come out that way)
1 bottle Lawry's teriyaki 30 minute marinade

Cut the bacon pieces into halves or thirds depending on how much bacon you want on each one.  Secure bacon with toothpicks, throw into bowl, and cover with marinade. 

The next day we got them out of the fridge about an hour before the party started, laid them out on 2 cookie sheets so they weren't piled on top of each other, and baked them at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes to crisp the bacon up.  Word to the wise: I double layered the cookie sheets with tin foil so the teriyaki wouldn't leak through as it is HORRIBLE to try to get that stuff off after it's baked on!!  After baking, I threw them in a crockpot on warm and let people have at I said, I only got one so they went pretty quickly! Great flavor from the marinade, and the water chestnuts softened up from being cooked....mmmmmmmm!

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