Monday, July 11, 2011

Beer margaritas

4 coronas
1 can thawed limeade
1 limeade can full of tequila
1 sliced up lime

It's like a poem, isn't it?  These are terrific! I quadrupled this and made more afterwards too, we went through almost the whole case of Corona.  These are so good because they are not too sweet like normal margaritas, so you can have a couple more than you normally would without the chalky sweet taste in your mouth.  I may or may not have added a bit more tequila since we made such a big batch :)

Missy K's fam had these at her sister's graduation party and I've been wanting to make them every since...what a great summer drink!


  1. I LOVE that recipe!
    I make a variation of that recipe often:
    1 can frozen pink lemonade
    1 lemonade can full of vodka
    4 beers (your choice)
    sliced lemons, if you so choose

    Hello awesomeness!

  2. Oh, I will def have to try that one, it sounds great!! I love summer drinks :)