Monday, October 24, 2011

Baked jalapeno poppers

I did these two way sucked (pardon my French) and the other was decent. I was trying to be thoughtful of the peeps with weak tummies and tastebuds and omit the seeds from the jalapenos to spare them the heat, but still allow them to eat these.  The ones without seeds sort of seemed too wussified to even taste like anything so they were a huge disappointment.  I thought the ones with the seeds were great though, gave some heat, but the cream cheese and crescent roll cooled it off a bit...others (like Justin's 80 year old woman tastebuds) would disagree and sit there sucking in their breath while trying to cool their mouths off after eating a hot one.  To each their own I suppose...

These were very, VERY simple to make.  And you know how I love me a recipe with only a few ingredients.  Well, here it is, folks...

8 oz cream cheese (I used fat free of course)
2 canisters of crescent rolls dough (ummm, no I don't make my own)
3 jalapenos chopped up
bacon (if you wish, you don't need it but when does bacon not taste good?)

I used turkey bacon and would not repeat that next time.  There needs to be some grease/fat to this or it just seems like you shoved a piece of ham in there.  You learn something new each least I tried I suppose.

Anyway, lay the crescents out, dallop a spoonfull of cream cheese in the middle like so...the more in there, the more you will thank yourself later.

Put some jalap slices in there sunken into the sea of cheese...

Add your chunk of bacon to the top if you so choose, and roll these babies up to be melded together in perfect happiness inside their little crescent roll home. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes and you're good to go....except you may want to let them sit and cool for a few minutes becuase YEEEEEEE these were temperature hot inside!

I only had one can of crescent rolls, so I used cut up pizza dough for the seeds removed version, just so I could tell the two apart and not watch the pregnant lady down a full on jalapeno and die in front of me.  Hindsight: don't use pizza dough.  That's what I'm here for, to make the dumbass (in my best Red Foreman voice) mistakes so you don't have to....stick with the crescent rolls, trust me. 

In true Abby form, I do not have any finished product photos as I just devoured and forgot about life for awhile after these you will just have to imagine what they would look like.  Or try them yourself...yeah, just do that.

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  1. These look absolutely perfect for a party! I too would keep the seeds in--you need a little pop to your jalapeno poppers! ;)