Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oreo pops

Yes, I've made oreo pops before.  Oreo cheesecake pops, to be exact.  And they were I'm not a dessert person as you can tell from my lack of postings in that tagline, but they rocked my socks off (even though they weren't nearly as pretty as the picture I saw online when I got the recipe).

I saw this on Pinterest (surprise, surprise), and thought if these could taste like those without half the steps, I would be in oreo coma blisssssss! Plus, it was Michelle's birthday and I wanted to make something new and special for our (ick!) Hawkeye tailgating party at her house!  Didn't hurt that I had cake pop sticks leftover to use can get these at any Wal-Mart or store that is similar, I believe it was in the craft section and not the food section but I'm sure every place is different.

Here's what you need besides the sticks and whatever you would like to decorate your oreo pops with:

Yes, that's right folks.  Two ingredients.  TWO! Thank me for this later.  Right now we have work to do...

If you remember correctly from the link posted above, I do not own a double boiler, and I actually don't know too many people who do now that I think of it. The world is a horrible place. Anyway, this is a simple workaround for us who are boilerless. 

Two saucepans, one smaller than the other....put 3 cups of water in the larger one and put the smaller one inside it.  Turn your burner on high, add your almond bark to the smaller saucepan, and stir while it melts.

I stirred every once in a while but also stuffed the sticks inside the oreos carefully so they stayed straight like so...

P.S. I didn't dye the insides, I guess at Halloween time you can only get orange filled oreos...that's your fact of the day. 

After my almond bark was melted, my first attempt at this was to dunk the oreo pop into the pan to add the coating of goodness.  Nope. Don't do that. The frosting inside the oreo melts and you lose it in your saucepan.  No bueno.  Plus, it then leaves orange colored frosting in the middle of your white shell if you're using Halloween cookies...this just isn't my day.

I decided then that I had to spoon the almond bark onto each oreo on both sides and cover them as prettily as possible before setting them down on my waxed paper (now that I think about it, this is probably why I had the waxed paper dream about sliding down slides with it when I was a kid that night...did any of you do that??) to cool off. Sprinkle de dinkle with some decorations if you so choose...I used glitter and edible letters to spell out "Happy Birthday Michelle" but you could very well use actual sprinkles or another color of frosting to write on them, whatever your little oreo loving heart desires...

I like to use styrofoam block in order to stick these into and present them, it seems to work the best.  And here is the finished product....Happy birthday to my lady friend, Michelle Mohr!!

How come theirs look better??  I have a lot of work to do presentation-wise but they sure did taste swell!

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  1. What a smart idea! My wife would die for these!
    (Also, i adore your blog title!!)