Thursday, October 6, 2011

Purple rosemary potatoes

Yes, these things are for real purple.  I didn't dye them. I've heard about these from a few people before and that the natural color in veggies like this is a signal that they are very heart healthy and great for calorie burning.  Since then I read HERE that they are great for lowering blood pressure too.  So I snatched these babies up when I saw them hanging out in the produce hurt in giving them a shot, right? 

I didn't do anything crazy with these.  My standard olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and rosemary seemed like it would do the trick.  I looooove rosemary on taters!  Seems like the perfect flavor for any spud....and it was.  If I couldn't see the color difference, I doubt I would've noticed any flavor difference between these and reds that I would normally use.  The only thing I could maybe say is that the texture of these was a bit better than I would have expected, or maybe I was just hungry and liked food that night?  Either way, I will be buying these suckers again.  I usually think of potatoes as the enemy so reading an article like the one above is music to my eyeballs! 

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  1. Contrary to popular belief in the last few years, taters are NOT the enemy (they've gotten an undeservedly bad rap)... even the white ones. Yes, they are a starch, but they are a good, healthy starch chuck full of good for your health vitamins and minerals and are naturally low in calories for all the bulk and fiber they provide (especially if you eat the skins)... and they fill you up to boot. Don't feel guilty eating any potato (well, maybe the fried kind); they are a healthy food! (Yes, it is one of my missions/passions as a RN to dispel the myths out there, whatever they may be, as they relate to good health practices.) And, you are right on, btw, about naturally purple foods (and all naturally brightly colored foods in general). The purple ones also have cancer fighting properties! And they’re pretty on the plate… just look at that beautiful plate of food you made… Yummy!