Friday, October 28, 2011

Cat food dip

Don't ask me why it's called that.  It looks nothing like cat food, smells nothing like cat food (thank goodness), and I hope it tastes nothing like cat food (don't ask me how I know that).  But that's what I call it.  When we were younger, we would sometimes have this alone for wonder I am a chip-aholic!  I loved those would make it in the microwave instead of the crockpot, so you could do that if you so choose.  I serve this as an appetizer and/or tailgating food so I like to keep it warm in the crockpot.

I'm sure most of you have already made this dip, and if you haven't then you have to have tasted it at some point in your life.  If not, I feel for you.  I guess it may be an Iowa/midwest thing because my friend Amanda from the South thinks this is the best thing she's stumbled across in Iowa, and I thought it was a pretty standard dish.  But when made with homemade salsa, you betta buleev this rates pretty high on my dip-o-meter.  The only issue there is the dip got a little runny since the homemade stuff is a bit more liquid-y (is that a word?) so I would use more cheese or less salsa...whatever you prefer.  With only 3 ingredients, why would you not make this right meow?

1 lb hamb (browned)
1 block 2% velveeta (diced)
Salsa (as much as you want, as hot as you want, I used my fresh salsa from the garden that I had to clear out to beat the first frost)

Throw all that in a crockpot, and let it melt all it's lovliness into one ingredient....mmmmmm, cheesy! Beef in the bottom, cheese after that, and salsa drizzled on top.  Not sure if that's the order it has to go, but that's the way I do it...why change now?? Done and done...ladies and gentlemen, start your dipping!

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  1. I have a similar recipe... However, the name I use (Barf Dip) also do not reflect how awesome it is... If you're a bean fan, throw in a can of refried beans - which is what give the dip the appearance in which it's been named. :)