Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hoshi Sushi Lounge

Things that make you go drooooollll for $100, Alex!  Don't tell me you're not salivating looking at that picture.  Sushi is one of prettier forms of food I've ever come across, it's literally an edible art form.

Justin and I took a sushi rolling class a couple years ago so we've had a few sushi parties at home to showcase our skillzzzz...but it's always nice to head out for the real deal with no fuss once in a while.  I wish it wasn't so expensive, I could mow on some sushi every week! 

We had a coupon for a sushi platter for 4 at Hoshi, and this was the result.  We had done this before with just Justin and I, and I was nervous that we didnt' get to choose the rolls we got, they just made us up a plate. I was not disappointed...we cleaned up! So when I saw the groupon again, of course I snatched it up. 

This time we went with Christina and Nate, and we actually met the owner (La) who was very friendly, informational, and accomodating during our 3 hour dinner in the Drake neighborhood.  He even let us try some escolar, which he explained to us we needed to limit to 6 oz portions per person so as to keep our pants clean after dinner (to put it nicely).  You can read about escolar HERE, it's actually pretty interesting and super de duper rich and buttery.  He also gave us a pokie salad that had mango, tuna, veggies, and some sauce on it that was phenom.  He ALSO gave us a round of saki bombs on the house, which fit right into my weekday trying to fit in a bridesmaids dress diet (cough, cough). 

Needless to say, after the great food, wonderful service, awesome hospitality, and trendy ambiance...we may have found ourselves a new fave sushi joint! Go check it out!

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